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UFC Champion Kamaru Usman uses stem cell therapy to heal degeneration in knees and shoulders

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

“I can’t wait to be getting back to training pain free and punching people again soon,” says UFC Champion Kamaru Usman after receiving stem cell treatment at BioXcellerator.

Kamaru, like many athletes who compete in extreme sports, knows that winning matches, let alone enjoying a long successful career requires that they keep their bodies in top physical shape to maintain peak performance and recover more quickly from strenuous training sessions.

“I wanted stem cell therapy to do everything I can to further my career and pull back decline of my body,” Kamaru explains.

As the reigning UFC Welterweight Champion after his successful win against Jorge Masdival at UFC 261 in April of 2021, Kamaru’s record now stands at 19 wins and only one loss after 20 matches. He now ranks #2 in UFC’s pound-for-pound ranking of men. But like so many other successful UFC fighters, that exceptional winning record comes at a cost – lingering pain from injuries, some from many years ago.

“The Nigerian Nightmare” wants to keep up “cool attacks,”

Known by the nickname, "The Nigerian Nightmare," Kamaru began his career as a high school wrestler and later wrestled in college. Although he dreamed of making the U.S. Olympic team back in 2012, he’d already experienced injuries that “started to hurt my motivation.”

Although he didn’t pursue his Olympic goals, he started competing as a mixed martial artist for the UFC and rapidly gained a reputation as a skilled fighter, in spite of injuries – especially to his knees.

“Everyone knows that throughout my career my knees have been something that have hindered me from doing all the crazy spinning stuff and the cool attacks you want to see,” he says.

That’s why Kamaru decided on stem cell therapy with high-potency stem cells at BioXcellerator’s state-of-the art clinic in Colombia – to heal injuries to his knees and shoulders.

“Long term wrestlers know about the battle with pain,” Kamaru explains, adding that staying competitive requires strenuous training and that recovering from those training sessions takes even more time as fighters get older.

“All healing from here”

According to BioXcellerator Chief Medical Officer Karolynn Halpert, “Kamaru Usman received intradiscal lumbar therapy with stem cells. Our proprietary protocols are designed help patients like Kamaru based on the science of how stem cells function as part of the body’s own natural repair processes.”

Dr. Halpert adds that “stem cell therapy offers exceptional potential to relieve inflammation and support a healthier immune system in a way that not only promotes healing to relieve pain, but also optimizes overall health.”

As for Kamaru, he’s certainly pleased with the results of his stem cell treatment and looks forward to even more championships in the years ahead.

“It’s all healing from here,” he says and looks forward to a lot more training with a lot less pain.


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