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Get inspired to make an impact, take your life and company to the next level.

Entrepreneur, business strategist, and thought leader Eric Stoffers is available to speak at your next conference or event.


Although now participating only in virtual events, his energetic presentation style is excellent for impactful keynote addresses or leading breakout sessions on business strategy, mindset, or leadership – plus keen insights on the future of health, immunity, performance, and longevity.  Your colleagues and attendees will appreciate his perspective and expertise.

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Eric Stoffers is an entrepreneur and founder of four life-transforming companies who chased money for nearly a decade and came up feeling unfulfilled.

That missing piece? Purpose. Eric realized that if entrepreneurship requires overcoming adversity, obstacles, and challenges, you’d better damned well love your mission and the process.

Eric is the founder and CEO of BioXcellerator – a stem cell therapy and research company which after 5-years of hard work and struggle is now recognized as one of the leading stem cell therapy companies worldwide.


Eric transitioned from being the CEO of REIT to his mission of transforming healthcare and improving the quality of people’s lives. He sees a healthcare industry locked in a mindset of “sick care,” merely treating symptoms. His vision is to shift that focus to truly improving health, vitality, and immunity.

His passion for creating a healthier world – one where everyone can live longer, feel better, and enjoy each day to its fullest — has also fueled his spirit for philanthropy. That’s why he founded Solutions for a Healthier World, a non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives and alleviating suffering by helping victims recover after tragic events, investing in science and medicine, and improving education.

Eric’s not done yet. His next company, BIOXHEALTH: Health Optimization and Longevity Centers, will begin opening centers in 2023.

While his work keeps him busy, Eric still makes time to share his story and insights — to inspire others to follow their own passions for change that will create an even better world.

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Better get in touch with Angie!

Tel: 888-287-8567

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