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UFC Champion Henry Cejudo says neck pain gone after stem cell therapy

“I used to have a jacked-up neck and three months after treatment, I almost feel 100%,” says UFC Champion Henry Cejudo after receiving stem cell therapy at BioXcellerator.

“Even almost the same day I had treatment, my neck started feeling better,” as Henry describes his treatment, adding that “it’s great not to have that same pain I had in my neck, like when I’d turn my head just to look at my phone.”

Henry points out that he’s suffered plenty of injuries throughout his career as a mixed martial artist. That career has certainly been a successful one. He’s one of only four UFC fighters to ever hold championships at the same time in two weight classes, for Henry both flyweight and bantamweight.

“The Messenger” triumphs, but victory brings pain

Known by his nickname, The Messenger, Henry was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2018 in part because at the time he was the youngest wrestler to ever win an Olympic Gold Medal and remains the only UFC fighter who’s also won a Gold Medal.

After wrestling, Henry trained to become an MMA fighter, and later signed with the UFC with an impressive record of winning 16 out of 18 matches.

But that success has come with a price – ongoing pain from injuries throughout his career.

In fact, back in 2017 Henry was forced to cancel a scheduled fight, UFC 211, because of a serious hand injury. Although Henry had considered a cortisone injection – and had asked UFC officials if that was allowed – Henry says his doctor make it clear that such an injection “could possibly do more damage than any benefit and told me it would be insane to fight.”

Looking forward to “feeling like a million bucks”

Just before Henry traveled to BioXcellerator’s state-of-the-art clinic in Colombia for stem cell therapy, he’d had surgery because he “blew out” his shoulder during a recent fight. He also described ongoing pain from “two ankles which I’ve sprained time and time again.”

As for his neck pain, Henry says, “My friend Pitbull a two-time Bellator champion, told me that he knew I was having neck pain so I should try this.” Pitbull Freire has also received stem cells at BioXcellerator.

According to BioXcellerator CEO Eric Stoffers, “Patients with chronic pain, athletes like Henry and many others report relief from pain because stem cells – promote healing in a way that eases inflammation and boosts immunity.”

Although he’s now retired, Henry is looking forward to a post-UFC career free of pain.

“My body feels good. It works,” Henry says, “I’m looking forward to feeling like a million bucks.”


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