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This Innovative Treatment Is a Game Changer for Sports and Orthopedic Injuries

How stem cells promote healing, alleviate pain, regenerate damaged tissues, and improve performance

“BioXcellerator stem cell therapy transformed my life.”

— Chuck Liddell, UFC Heavyweight Champion

Whether professional athlete or “weekend warrior,” you know your active lifestyle can quickly grind to a halt with just one injury. In some cases, an old injury can even cause nagging pain for the rest of your life because while you think you’ve “recovered,” that injury never seems to quite completely heal.

Sure, some say “no pain, no gain.” But more athletes today suffer a lot less pain and continue to train thanks to new advances stem cell therapy that can help:

  • Speed recovery from injuries and surgeries

  • Promote healing and regenerate new tissue

  • Alleviate chronic pain

While some physicians suggest surgery as a treatment option, recovery can take weeks or months. Medication may be another choice, yet can cause serious side effects or may not offer any relief.

But stem cell therapy is a simple non-invasive treatment with no side effects. Well, perhaps I should say no “unwelcome” side effects. That’s because in addition to healing, patients report more energy, vitality, performance, and healthier skin regardless of the injury treated. If you consider those side effects, I stand corrected, but I’d certainly welcome health effects like these!

You see, in addition to promoting healing of recent and old injuries, stem cell treatment is based on the body’s own natural repair processes that heals bones, ligaments, and muscles, as well as reduces inflammation throughout the body.

Advanced stem cell therapies can help treat and heal:

How stem cells work: Healing old and new injuries

Stem cells are the body’s own natural resource for creating new cells to replace older, damaged, and diseased cells and are produced in our bone marrow.

Unfortunately, the number of new stem cells our bodies produce declines as we age. Stem cell therapy gives the body a fresh supply of new healthy stem cells to speed up this natural repair and healing process. By creating an optimal environment for the body to heal itself, stem cells help stimulate healing, reduce inflammation, and regenerate damaged tissues.

This certainly enhances healing when you’ve recently suffered an injury, but it also promotes healing for older injuries – even from many years ago – that may have not completely healed, so they still cause pain.

Which stem cells are most effective and result in the best patient outcomes?

The three most important factors that contribute to the effectiveness of stem cell therapy are potency, purity, and quantity of the cells – and how they are harvested and cultured.

Not all stem cells are alike. There are many different types of stem cells. Some are adult stem cells that are harvested from adipose (fatty) tissue or from bone marrow. Unfortunately, adult stem cells are older cells so they are often not as potent. Other younger stem cells are embryonic, but ethical concerns ban their use in many locations.

One type of stem cell, however, offers high potency and are ethically sourced. These are mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that come from a substance called Wharton’s Jelly in umbilical cords. Research shows that mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) derived from umbilical cords are more effective and have more healing potential than cells from adipose tissue (fatty tissue) or bone marrow. Treatment is further enhanced by a proprietary process BioXcellerator has developed to identify the most effective cells with the best potential to stimulate healing and to reproduce them in high enough quantities for effective treatment.

First, we take these MSCs and screen them for specific markers that indicate the cells with the best potential to reduce inflammation, promote healing and regenerate tissues. Then only these cells that meet our strict criteria are cultured and reproduced into millions of stem cells we use in our treatments.

Results: Less pain, more energy and vitality

The reason why so many well-known athletes have turned to stem cell therapy is because word is spreading on its effectiveness. Even just a few years ago, many athletes faced retirement at much younger ages. But today many pros are extending their careers by many years. And even after retirement, many athletes – especially those in high impact sports – once coped with significant pain from old injuries.

That’s certainly not the case for many athletes today.

Take UFC Champion Chuck Liddell as an example.

Chuck said, "After fighting most of my life, I had nagging injuries and pain — my back, knees, shoulders, and neck,” yet after treatment with Golden Cells reported that “my back, neck and shoulder pain are gone, and my range of motion has improved.”

“I’m 50 now, my energy wasn’t what it was even just 5 years ago,” he added. “Since treatment, my energy levels have increased noticeably. I feel great. I am back in the gym, punching, kicking, training more fighters, doing more with my kids.”

Another patient, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley told us after being treated for an old knee injury and health optimization

“my knees feel great, my energy is better, and I recover more quickly from training …no more knee pain.”

He also pointed out that at age 44, “I was wondering if I could continue to go on in the WWE, but this has added a few more years to career without a doubt.”

More athletes than ever now not only enjoy longer careers and more success, they also no longer suffer pain from older injuries. And it’s not just professionals who benefit. Anyone who leads an active life can now enjoy more vitality and increased performance thanks to stem cell therapy.

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