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Bobby Lashley receives BioXcellerator stem cells to heal from knee injury and improve performance

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

By Eric Stoffers

How 45-year-old professional wrestler Bobby Lashley climbed back to the top in “the greatest moment” of his professional career

“I am 44 years old and was wondering if I can continue to go on in the WWE. After BioXcellerator stem cell therapy, my knees feel great, my energy is better, I recover more quickly from training, it added a few more years to my career ... without a doubt.,” Bobby Lashley

If you want a career where success doesn’t require constant stress to every joint, muscle, and bone in your body — steer clear of professional wrestling. You can’t compete in this arena, let alone emerge as a champion, unless you’ve got the determination and drive to keep your body in top shape. And even with the most steadfast commitment to training every day, just one injury can instantly end your career.

And when you finally do become a champion, how long can it last? In most careers, you can still enjoy your success well into your 50s, 60s, and even longer. But in the realm of extreme sports such as pro wrestling, the idea that your body can take all that pain and abuse so you can remain a contender well into your 40s seems absurd.

But if athletes like 45-year-old professional wrestler Bobby Lashley are an example, that’s not absurd at all. He recently won a WWE championship match and credits stem cell therapy as one reason for his victory.

Research and studies show that stem cell therapy has become not only effective at treating more diseases than ever before, there’s plenty of evidence that such treatment can also extend our lifespan, reduce the impact of aging, and help us all enjoy more energy and vitality while suffering a lot less pain far later in life, whether you’re a pro athlete or “weekend warrior.”

Bobby Lashley: Discovering new therapies to help heal from old injuries

As more athletes such as two-time UFC champion Chuck Liddell, former NFL quarterback and Super Bowl Champion Jim McMahon, UFC Champ Kamaru Usman, and others turn to stem cell therapy, they’re discovering that these treatments can help their bodies heal more quickly, recover more rapidly from training, maintain vitality, and boost performance.

Indeed, reaching age 65 no longer means facing “old age.” As CEO of BioXcellerator, a leading global stem cell research and treatment center, my “moonshot” goal is to make age 100 the “new 60.” If Bobby Lashley and other athletes are any example, that goal is well within reach.

As a well-known professional wrestler and mixed martial artist and veteran, Bobby Lashley debuted as a WWE contender back in 2005, capturing many titles. He left wrestling in 2008 and then competed in mixed martial arts – enjoying an impressive 15-2 record over the next eight years.

But getting back into wresting and reaching the top had always been Bobby’s passion. His WWE comeback began with some success including a pair of brief Intercontinental title runs. But he faced one nagging problem from years earlier. In 2003, Bobby was in a bank when armed robbers stormed in and he had to dive for cover to save his life. That caused a serious injury to his right knee requiring a bursectomy on that knee.

Stem cell therapy: “Could I continue to go on?”

Although Bobby had received stem cell therapy in the U.S. back in 2017, he wasn’t satisfied with the results.

When considering a wrestling comeback last year, Bobby said, “I was worried. Could I continue to go on? I’m 44 years old right now. Can I continue to go on at this pace with bad knees and natural wear and tear?”

After hearing about BioXcellerator during a locker room conversation with fellow athlete Ray Misterio, he looked into treatment. He discovered that not only was therapy at U.S. clinics less effective, but that the quantity of cells he received wasn’t nearly high enough. After working with our medical team Bobby was intrigued by our approach to personalized therapy protocols and traveled to our clinic in Medellin, Colombia – joined by his fellow MMA fighter Cris Cyborg.

Super-charged immunity: “You don’t have to get old”

Stem cell therapy works because the type of stem cells that BioXcellerator harvests from donated umbilical cords have the potential to become any type of cell. After millions of these stem cells are infused, those cells become specific types of cells needed by the body to alleviate disease and heal injuries – even injuries from many years ago.

As entrepreneur and scientist Peter Diamandis has explained, stem cells are like “repairmen in your newly constructed mansion. When the mansion is new and the repairmen are young, they can fix everything perfectly. But as the repairmen age and reduce in number, your mansion eventually goes into disrepair and finally crumbles.”

Bobby’s therapy included infusions of hundreds of millions of stem cells – far more than available at U.S. clinics – to help heal the injury to his right knee and relieve arthritic pain in both knees. He also received stem cells to alleviate symptoms of CTE, a disorder that’s caused by multiple head traumas and a common condition seen in athletes like Bobby.

Another treatment was designed to optimize overall health, boost his immunity, and enhance energy and vitality. That’s because those stem cell “repairmen,” as Peter Diamandis calls them, not only help heal from specific injuries and disorders, they also can supplement the immune system – “super charging” it. That’s why most of our patients report “feeling better” overall regardless of the specific treatments they receive.

Bobby says he was “impressed by the state-of-the-art facility.” He says, “I think it’s amazing. And I think for what I do – fighting and professional wrestling, it’s a necessity, super necessary. A lot of guys look at me and say, ‘how can you do it?’ I say what a doctor told me, ‘you don’t have to get old.’ This is like turning back the hands of time.”

“I am 44 years old and was wondering if I can continue to go on in the WWE. After BioXcellerator stem cell therapy, my knees feel great, my energy is better, I recover more quickly from training, it added a few more years to my career... without a doubt.,” he adds.

There’s certainly no doubt now. In March, Bobby defeated The Mix for the WWE championship on “WWE Raw.”

“It is surreal, man. It is probably one of the greatest moments in my athletic career,” Bobby said in a Denver Post interview.

I know, winning a championship in such a high-endurance sport like wrestling may seem surreal, but the results are very real. Bobby’s right. You don’t have to get old – at least not for many more years, if not decades, well into the future.


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