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MMA champions healing from injuries and increasing performance through stem cell therapy

Bellator fighters Sergio Pettis, Anthony Pettis, Cris Cyborg, and the Pitbull Brothers reign as champions thanks to high-potency stem cells from BioXcellerator

By Eric Stoffers

That euphoric “thrill of victory” that Sergio Pettis enjoyed when he won the bantamweight championship at Bellator 258 on May 7 is an experience few of us can imagine. That’s when Sergio took that championship belt from Juan Archuleta who was defending his title. But while that victory was surely sweet, it’s an experience that’s familiar in the Pettis family. You see, Sergio’s older brother Anthony has also enjoyed a successful career, including UFC and WFC championships.

According to ESPN, Anthony was there that Friday night to witness his younger brother’s triumph. Sergio told reporters that Anthony deserved some credit for his triumph because he “has been telling me I’m the best in the world since I started this. To join him and get this belt – it’s a dream come true.”

Not only do these brothers share the elation of winning championship belts, they share another experience. Both are BioXmen who have taken advantage of stem cell therapy and report exceptional results from advanced treatments we offer that are based on the body’s own natural repair processes to heal injuries, speed recovery after training, and help heal serious brain traumas, such as TBI and CTE.

Sergio said results from his treatment were “amazing – as if I were like a brand-new athlete.”

He explained that he “had tried massage, acupuncture, and other treatments, but they weren’t helping. I was looking for something more beneficial that could help me for the rest of my life and the rest of my career.”

As CEO of BioXcellerator, I’m certainly pleased that our patients who are competitive MMA fighters seem to be winning more and more championship belts, but that’s actually becoming a more familiar experience here in our own BioXcellerator family.

Another BioXcellerator patient, Cris Cyborg, will be defending her featherweight championship title when she takes on Leslie Smith at Bellator 259 on May 21. Enjoying a long reign as a champion is also a familiar experience for Cris. She’s held that title since January 2020 and now ranks #1 in Bellator’s pound-for-pound ranking for women. She’s also the only MMA fighter in history — male or female — to hold “Grand Slam Champion” status and credits stem cell therapy for her success.

Cris Cyborg working with youth in Medellin.

“As a champion MMA fighter, I have lot of injuries after fighting for 15 years. I had pain and problems basically everywhere,” Cris said. “I needed the best medical treatment and was referred to BioXcellerator by other UFC fighters. I have not had any injuries since treatment so there’s nothing holding me back in my preparation for my next fight.”

Cris Cyborg says “I had my best camp ever.” after receiving BioXcellerator advanced stem cell therapy.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention two other brothers — the Pitbull brothers, Patrício and Patricky Freire. They’re also BioXcellerator patients. Patricio is the second fighter ever to hold simultaneous champion status in two weight divisions and now ranks #1 in Bellator’s pound-for-pound rankings for men. His older brother Patricky competes in Bellator’s lightweight division.

During a recent visit to our state-of-the-art clinic in Medellin, Colombia, Patricky said, “This is unbelievable,” explaining how he’d had suffered from neck and back pain but after treatment was “very excited about the results.”

His MMA coach Captain Americas pointed out that it doesn’t take too much convincing for fighters to take advantage of stem cell therapy as “something natural” for maintaining energy and reducing pain – especially for preventing damage from brain injuries — but the rest of the world doesn’t understand it yet. He says “100% of people” should be looking into stem cell therapy.

I couldn’t agree more.

It’s easy to see why word about stem cell therapy is spreading among Bellator and other athletes when more fighters are receiving stem cell therapy. The results clearly show that stem cells can help:

  • Heal tendon and ligament injuries such as ACL, MCL, rotator cuff, and labrum

  • Repair spine and disc injuries including herniated and bulging discs

  • Regenerate damaged tissues

  • Alleviate chronic pain throughout the body

Even better – stem cell treatment is a non-invasive procedure with no need for complex surgery.

Helping championship heroes not in the spotlight, our military veterans

The same advanced stem cell treatments that help professional athletes recover more quickly when their bodies are stressed and heal from older injuries also helps repair damage throughout the body – especially in the brain.

MMA and other athletes in extreme sports certainly experience plenty of blows to the head. A hard enough knock on the head can cause traumatic brain injury (TBI). But what can often remain undiagnosed is chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Because CTE emerges gradually over time from multiple blows to the head, such as recurrent concussions, it’s not always obvious that such injuries have been sustained, so they may not get treated before symptoms grow worse.

But it’s not just MMA fighters who sustain brain injuries like these. It’s not just athletes who are susceptible.

Many of our nation’s veterans suffer from CTE and may not even know it. Some veterans diagnosed with a psychological disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), may actually have CTE, but without treatment may not recover. Some even take their own lives.

That’s why BioXcellerator is working with non-profit foundations to help our veterans. They’re championship heroes, too. They don’t share the same spotlight that MMA champions enjoy, yet suffer from injuries that stem cell therapy can help treat.

- Anthony Pettis “I want to remember my kids’ names”

MMA athletes fight in a competitive arena where a reputation for being tough go hand-in-hand with the success of being a winner. But it’s striking how the motivation to keep their bodies in peak condition extends beyond what you might consider merely a selfish need to be #1.

As it turns out, Sergio’s brother Anthony Pettis can see how ongoing head trauma can lead to a post-career life that’s not a great experience at all. As an MMA fighter, Anthony might never admit to being scared, but in a recent Pundit Arena article, he explained his concerns.

In that report Anthony said that he decided to pay closer attention to his own health after he heard that former UFC lightweight champion Spencer Fisher was “permanently disabled and unable to work” following his 33-fight MMA career. Although Anthony quickly pointed out that he doesn’t think he has CTE, he wants to “take all the necessary steps to make sure that’s not a part of my life.”

“I think now there are more athletes coming into mixed martial arts and we’re getting smarter in our approach to training — especially me.” Anthony said. “I want to remember my kids’ names. I want to be able to be at their birthday parties and be present.”

That’s one reason why he’s so enthusiastic about the potential for stem cell therapy to help him achieve just that – being present in life.

How stem cells work link to Golden Cells

Very well put, Anthony. And it demonstrates why we need to help others – especially veterans — participate in their family events, in part through advanced stem cell treatments that demonstrate exceptional results.

More BioXmen and BioXwomen in the years ahead

At BioXcellerator, we feature stories about noted BioXmen and BioXwomen who’ve discovered how stem cells work by amplifying the body’s own natural repair processes to heal from injuries, increase performance, alleviate chronic pain, and delay the impact of aging – without surgery or medication. It’s certainly rewarding to see how more athletes including current and former NFL, NBA, and NHL players than ever are taking advantage of these treatments.

As the word spreads about the exceptional therapeutic potential of stem cells, I hope that we can help millions more people, such as our nation’s veterans and first responders, get treatment that they need and deserve.

So congratulations and thanks to Sergio Pettis, Anthony Pettis, Patricky Freire, Patrício Freire, and Cris Cyborg. You’ve helped extend your careers and now you’re helping me spread the word so that millions more people from all walks of life can enjoy better health in the years ahead.


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