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Hall of Famer Kevin Nash says stem cell therapy with BioXcellerator was a “life-changing experience"

“I haven’t smiled this much since holding my son for the first time.”

WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Kevin Nash

“The day after treatment, I walked from the hotel to the medical center and probably passed 300 people. It’s the fastest I’ve probably walked since I was 30 – and that was 30 years ago,” he explains.

“And now two months later, the 24/7 pain I had in in my shoulders is gone.”

Kevin has won a total of 21 championships over his career, including recognition as a five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion. He’s also known for holding his WWF Championship for nearly one year, the longest reign as a champion by any wrestler during the 1990s.

But like most professional wrestlers, Kevin has sustained many injuries over the years and has had more than 30 orthopedic surgeries. He has also experienced symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a condition commonly seen in athletes that results from multiple blows to the head or concussions over many years. Kevin tried several different medical treatments, but nothing could give him the relief that he needed for pain in his body and to heal from brain injuries.

He began considering stem cell therapy, but discovered that U.S. clinics don’t offer treatments as effective as at clinics outside the U.S., so he travelled to BioXcellerator’s state-of-the-art clinic in Colombia.

Treated for shoulder, herniated disc (degenerative disc disease), chronic pain, health optimization and CTE

High-potency Stem Cells: Getting the best stem cells – a “no brainer”

As Kevin points out, “I’d pretty much exhausted my options I had in the States. They offer MSC cells but not enough. I received 220 million cells at BioXcellerator – unheard of in the States.”

The “MSC” cells Kevin refers to are mesenchymal stem cells in Wharton’s Jelly from donated umbilical cords. At BioXcellerator, these cells are then tested for properties that indicate:
the best healing potential and highest anti-inflammatory properties, based on a proprietary protocol. Only those cells are then purified and reproduced into formulations of millions of high-potency stem cells.

“I got the best stem cells you can possibly get in the world, why wouldn't I want to come to Colombia and do that? That’s a no brainer to me,” Kevin says.

According to BioXcellerator CEO Eric Stoffers, "Stem cell therapy works because it promotes healing by amplifying our body’s natural ability to fight disease, reduce inflammation, and regenerate damaged tissues. Our research clearly shows that the higher quantity of stem cells with much higher potency can make treatment more effective for the best possible patient outcomes.”

Treatment for serious brain injury: Setting the clock back 6 to 8 years

Kevin’s treatment included stem cells to alleviate pain in his body and to promote healing of brain tissue that ease symptoms of CTE, a condition that’s often aggravated by excess inflammation. But stem cell therapy has demonstrated remarkable potential to heal brain tissue and reduce neuroinflammation in the brain that can delay healing or even make symptoms worse. Stoffers says “Reducing neuroinflammation is essential to treating CTE.”

Nash says that his biggest improvement is his “cognitive function with better overall clarity and thought process.” Reporting several weeks after treatment that in addition to relief from serious pain, and noting clearer skin and darker hair says, “I honestly think I set back the clock 6 to 8 years. Thank you for this amazing life-changing experience.”

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