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Ken Shamrock says stem cell therapy is a "game changer" to heal from injuries & increase performance

How stem cells promote healing of sports and orthopedic injuries, alleviate chronic pain, and increase performance

“I wanted stem cell therapy at BioXcellerator for a chance at a better life. I used to be stiff because I broke my neck twice, my lower back once, and the middle of my back is all jacked up. Now, after stem cell therapy, no pain, no inflammation. This is a game changer!”

UFC Legend Ken Shamrock

Professional athletes obviously do everything they can to achieve peak performance. It is, after all, their job. So, staying in peak condition isn’t merely a lifestyle choice, but essential to a successful athletic career. After all, the more you win, the more you earn and any injury could threaten both physical and financial health.

Plenty of others stay fit because it’s a way of life. That’s a different perspective, of course, but to your body it doesn’t make any difference. An injury causes damage and pain to pros and amateurs alike.

But as more professional athletes are turning to stem cell therapy to enhance performance, recover more quickly from training, and alleviate pain from injuries, so-called “weekend warrior” athletes also are taking note of these treatments based on the body’s natural repair processes.

Increasing performance. Maintaining performance.

If you’re going to push your body to the limits and remain competitive, you’re going to be in pain – at least some pain. Sure, it’s a trite expression – “no pain, no gain” – but it’s certainly true.

Or, to put it another way, if working out doesn’t cause pain from time to time, you’re probably not working out hard enough.

But the balance of “pain vs. gain” is a lot easier to manage thanks to new developments in stem cell therapy. At BioXcellerator, we treat many athletes – professionals and amateurs alike – because stem cells are the body’s natural repair team.

Indeed, the reason you have pain is because various tissues are damaged during workouts and your body needs to repair that damage using stem cells. The more stem cells available, the more efficiently your body can heal itself so you can:

  • Recover more quickly from injuries and training

  • Reduce pain

  • Increase performance and even extend it as you get older

Stem cells. which are created in your bone marrow, can be turned into any type of cell. So if you need new muscle cells, your body uses stem cells to regenerate muscle tissue, or new cartilage to heal discs and tendons, or any other type of cell.

Unfortunately as we age, we don’t produce as many stem cells as when we were younger. The result? Injuries don’t heal as quickly. It takes longer to recover from extreme training. Pain becomes more chronic and severe.

That’s because while some injuries are obvious, others are very tiny – but they add up. If you don’t have enough stem cells, those small injuries don’t heal as quickly, which is why pain gets worse and recovery from training becomes extended.

Stem cells bring new healing power to the body

Because stem cell therapy is based on natural repair processes, there’s no risk of side effects of medication and there are many other health benefits. Indeed, stem cells also have the power to become new immune cells which help modulate the body’s immune response and reduce inflammation. That certainly helps with pain, but it also optimizes overall health to

  • Revitalize the body

  • Increase energy

  • Improve cognitive ability

  • Enhance sexual wellness

When it comes to physical injuries, stem cell therapy can be used to treat:

  • Lower back pain

  • Herniated and bulging discs

  • Injuries to shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, knees, and hips

  • Ligament and tendon tears (ACL, MCL, rotator cuff, labrum)

  • Arthritis and tendonitis

  • Regenerate cartilage to prevent bone on bone pressure

  • Injuries to soft tissues

  • And more

Our patients explain the benefits of stem cell therapy for getting healthier – and more importantly, staying in peak shape – even improving strength late in their careers.

At BioXcellerator, we treat a wide range of patients, some of them well-known athletes who want to make sure they stay competitive.

Nick Best “Stronger than he’s ever been”

For example, world record holder and professional American Strong Man competitor, Nick Best pushes his body to the limit and certainly has sustained many lingering injuries. But after stem cell treatment he said he has “much more flexibility -- and it’s been just two days. I’m ecstatic by the way this is going—and the best part is that it’s going to keep on going for months.”

He’s right, of course, because stem cell treatment results are not only rapid, they extend several weeks and months after treatment. Nick told us the reason he came to BioXcellerator for treatment was that he’s “watched how it works,” – seeing exceptional results in two of his friends – professional wrestler Ryback Reeves and 2-time UFC Champion Frank Mir.

“I trained with Ryback both before and after he was treated here,” Nick said. “Ryback was pretty beat up and hobbled, but he’s doing great now.”

“As for Frank, he went from squatting 500 pounds to 610 pounds after stem cell therapy. That’s massive. Frank’s now stronger than he’s ever been!” he added.

We’ve also treated WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

It’s incredible that someone in their 40s can remain competitive in such an extreme sport, but Bobby’s still going strong.

He said, “I am 44 years old and was wondering if I can continue to go on in the WWE. Other athletes recommended BioXcellerator to me and after stem cell therapy, my knees feel great, my energy is better, I recover more quickly from training, it added a few more years to my career.”

He added that "this is something that everyone should consider for injuries or if you just want to feel better."

Make sure you get the best treatment. All stem cells are not alike

If you’re considering stem cell therapy, make sure you find out what type of stem cells you’ll be receiving. They’re not alike – far from it. U.S. clinics don’t usually provide a high quantity of stem cells, nor cells of the highest possible potency.

At BioXcellerator, our proprietary process for harvesting and culturing stem cells is based on a specific type of cell – mesenchymal stem cells from the Wharton’s Jelly in donated umbilical cords.

Next, we take these cells and screen them for specific biomarkers that indicate high potency. Then we take only those cells that meet these strict criteria, purify them, and reproduce them into infusions of millions of high potency cells for each treatment.

If you’re going to lead an athletic lifestyle, sports and orthopedic issues are going to be a part of your life. But thanks to new advanced stem cell therapies, you can expect less pain, more performance, and plenty of other natural overall health benefits based on the body’s natural repair process.

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