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How heart health can be enhanced with stem cell therapy and lifestyle

Keeping your heart in good condition is vital for your long term health. There are many natural ways to keep your heart in good shape, but many people do not follow these habits. Getting a patient to change their habits is a task that many medical professionals struggle to do. Stem cell therapy could be a way for patients to keep their hearts in tip-top shape.

The Importance of Keeping The Heart Healthy

After the brain, the heart is potentially the most important organ in the body. The heart supplies the body with oxygen-rich blood. Organs and tissues in the body need blood in order to properly function. The heart needs to pump blood throughout the body 24-hours-a-day. A patient will only be able to survive a few minutes after the heart stops beating. As such, it is imperative that patients keep their hearts in great condition.

Unfortunately, many of us develop bad habits that are extremely difficult to break. Eating unhealthy fatty foods, drinking too much alcohol, smoking tobacco, age, and a lack of exercise can all lead to poor heart health over time.

Convincing a patient to change their lifestyle to improve their heart health is an extremely difficult task. Humans are creatures of habit and getting anyone to change their behavior can be nearly impossible at times. Even when faced with life or death, many patients are unable to make the lifestyle changes to improve their heart’s condition.

Sadly, some of us are sadly born with a bad heart that does not function as effectively as other hearts. They had no say in their heart condition. Many conventional treatment options do not improve a patient’s heart health. Patients have turned to alternative therapies in order to ensure that their heart is in its best possible condition. One treatment that has intrigued medical professionals is stem cell therapy.

Can Stem Cells Improve Heart Health?

The jury is still out on whether receiving stem cell therapy will help a patient maintain a healthy heart. The stem cell research has mainly looked into treating heart diseases. There has not been a lot of research studying if stem cell therapy can improve a normal person’s heart health.

However, the regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties of stem cells suggest that stem cells should help improve a patient’s heart health. These properties should help patients fight off heart diseases and improve heart function.

Over time if a patient has a bad genetic condition or poor lifestyle their heart could become damaged. The muscle and tissue in the heart may not function properly. Patients who have poor lifestyle habits could one day receive stem cell therapy to repair damaged tissue and get their heart in a better condition.

There are other ways that stem cells are helping patients with poor health other than conventional stem cell therapy.

Other Stem Cell Uses For Improving Heart Health

Stem cells can also be used to create heart models that mimic certain heart conditions and diseases. Researchers can then test different drugs on these models to get a better understanding of how the disease or condition would react to the drug.

Additionally, researchers are also actively looking into stem cell and gene therapy to combat heart conditions in certain patients. These patients had poor luck in the genetic lottery. One day a combination of gene therapy and stem cell therapy could help patients who have genetic heart disorders.

Patients still should attempt to develop healthy habits in order to keep their heart in good condition. However, stem cell therapy could be a powerful way to ensure that you have a healthy heart. Regenerative medicine will play a bigger role in keeping good cardiovascular health.



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