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Usman and Masvidal: Fighting for humanity

How two stem cell therapy patients preparing for a big fight battle against aging and to end suffering worldwide

By Eric Stoffers

Although it seems like disturbing news, don’t be alarmed. You see, I’m certain that two BioXcellerator stem cell patients are about to get into a big fight – a really big fight.

No, they can’t work out their differences. There can be no “win-win” solution. There may even be injuries. After all, these two patients have actually fought before.

As the CEO of BioXcellerator, a leading global stem cell research and treatment center, I know most healthcare executives would be upset by news like this – that two of their patients are planning to beat the $@#*% out of each other.

Should I call the cops? That won’t help. The authorities already know about this fight. Actually, millions of people already know. It’s scheduled for Saturday night April 24 in Jacksonville, Florida at UFC 261 – the next Ultimate Fighting Championship event.

Tickets even sold out in just a few minutes after they went on sale. That’s no surprise because on April 24 Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal will face each other in a rematch for the UFC Welterweight Championship.

As it turns out, I know both Kamaru and Jorge because both have received stem cell therapy at BioXcellerator.

Who will win? I have no idea. But although it sounds kind of corny, I do know this – there is indeed a “win-win” outcome that will emerge – one that’s destined to help even more millions of people improve their lives and end suffering around the world.

Two rivals agree that stem cell therapy fights the battle against aging

Neither Kamaru nor Jorge can be accused of being at all shy over their rivalry. During Super Bowl Week in 2020 they ran into each other in Miami and almost got into a brawl after some words were exchanged. But I know that both agree on at least one thing – the value of stem cell therapy. And based on my experience, both Kamaru and Jorge put a high value on helping others less fortunate than they are.

Like other athletes who engage in extreme sports, Kamaru and Jorge understand that to stay competitive, they need to keep their bodies in top shape to maintain peak performance, recover more quickly from injuries, and sustain the energy needed to keep fighting and extend their careers.

That’s because stem cell therapy can deliver exceptional results at giving the body the extra stem cells needed to repair damage and promote more rapid healing. In fact, we’ve treated many other notable UFC fighters, including Cris Cyborg, Chuck Liddell, and TJ Dillashaw — as well as other professional athletes such as Former NFL Quarterback and Super Bowl Champion Jim McMahon, NFL tight-end David Njoku, and many others.

And it’s not just professional athletes who see the value of stem cell therapy. Indeed, we treat many patients who aren’t professional athletes for a wide range of sports medicine and orthopedic issues as well as to relieve pain, promote healing, and reduce the impact of aging.

Meet two exceptional UFC fighters

As the current UFC Welterweight Champion, Kamaru Usman now ranks #2 on UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings for male fighters. He knows first-hand how stem cell therapy helps him heal more quickly from injuries – even lingering ones from years ago.

“Obviously, I’ve had a lot of pain over my career. As hard as I go at it every day, I want to prevent decline in my performance,” Kamaru explained. “It’s no secret. Anyone who knows me knows that through my entire career my knees have hindered me. And I want to keep up the cool attacks you all want to see.”

After a visit to our clinic in Medellin, Colombia, he said that he “can’t wait to get back to less pain and punching people again soon.”

As for Jorge Masvidal, he’s been competing professionally since 2003 and holds the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history – 5 seconds!

He also knows how stem cell therapy helps boost athletic performance, but points out another benefit – that this type of treatment easily beats surgery as an option because stem cell treatments are a less invasive way of fighting the battle against aging.

“I don’t like people cutting open my body,” Jorge explained during one visit to our clinic, “It’s perfect like it is and I want to keep it like that -- that’s why stem cells work so well for me.”

And another UFC fighter we’ve treated, Cris Cyborg, said that after advanced stem cell therapy with our proprietary high-potency stem cells, “I had my best camp ever.”

The fight for humanity: Even more agreement

There’s another battle that many of our patients help fight – both professional athletes and other patients – and they’re all on the same side on this conflict. That’s the struggle to help those less fortunate among us.

You see, both Kamaru and Jorge have personal experience on what it’s like to struggle for what many of us take for granted. Basic healthcare. Enough food to eat. Staying healthy enough to live, let alone fight in a championship arena.

That’s because Kamaru grew up in an impoverished region of Africa before coming to the U.S. And Jorge’s father fled Cuba as a young boy into rough seas on a self-made raft.

So it’s not surprising that each agrees (even if they wouldn’t admit it) that being generous always wins in the end. I agree 100%. After all, my company is dedicated to a mission of eliminating suffering worldwide. And Kamaru and Jorge don’t just “talk the talk,” They both show that they also “walk the walk” when it comes to helping others.

I’ve had the privilege to get to know both Kamaru and Jorge. If you think that tough UFC fighters must be selfish by nature, think again. My conversations with each of them reveal that they’re actually quite generous. They’re inspired to help others who can’t even afford the basic necessities of life, let alone stem cell therapy – at least not right now.

Here’s one example: Earlier this year, two BioXcellerator patients (who chose to remain anonymous) decided to donate 75 bicycles to children in Medellin, so we hosted a special event to celebrate that donation. Jorge joined in the celebration by meeting with the kids and showing off some pretty cool fighting moves.

We hosted that event in partnership with a local charity and the Solutions for a Healthier World Foundation, which I chair. The bikes were given to children who participate in programs we sponsor to keep these kids in school and to assure they learn the value of a nutritious diet and regular exercise.

Kamaru has also pitched in to help. For example, he’s visited two comunas (neighborhood in Medellin) to spend time with impoverished youth who are in non-profit boxing and Muay Tai programs dedicated to keeping these kids in school and off the streets.

Other athletes who make an extra effort to lend their help include UFC fighter TJ Dillashaw, who on a trip to our clinic, also visited the youth who are members of the local Muay Thai foundation in Medellin. And UFC fighter Cris Cyborg was so inspired to help, she not only bought some punching bags, she took the time to visit with local children and personally give them away to these delighted kids – not just once, but on two visits!

Who knows? Maybe one of these young people will be inspired by the generosity that Kamaru, Jorge, and other pro athletes extend — and someday grow up to enjoy their own success in sports, science, business, or another cause they champion. Then they will be in a position to help others in the future. This shows how just a few seemingly small acts of kindness can make a big difference many years into the future.

“Fighting for everyone”

This upcoming UFC championship event also reminds me that both of these rivals have also exhibited generosity in other ways.

Jorge Masvidal helps by feeding the homeless in Miami. When I saw a picture of him wearing a hairnet and apron working in a kitchen, he did seem a bit out of place, but it shows he wants to pitch in to help whenever he can.

As for Kamaru Usman, Forbes magazine reported that he has plans to start his own foundation to “change lives.” As Kamaru explained, he’s “fighting for everyone.” That’s because he grew up in an environment most of us can’t envision, one where the water isn’t even safe enough to drink.

“You never knew what parasites were in the water,” Kamaru explained when recalling his early life. “You had to boil it just to be able to cook, wash your clothes, and shower. A lot of people are still suffering from water-borne diseases like malaria. This is just part of the problem. We are going to look to work together and create something to make life better for everyone.”

“You know, just because they’re in their current situation, that isn’t always going to determine where their life is going to be,” Kamaru added.

I think I’ve made my point. No need to beat it to death. It’s heartwarming to see that even rival fighters give back to those less fortunate, a concept that’s also tightly woven into our company’s mission.

I wish each fighter all the best and look forward to watching this rematch. But again, why it sounds corny, no matter who wins or who loses, humanity wins because I know that both of these champions know that when you’re generous, everyone wins.


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