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 A non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating suffering and improving the quality of people’s lives by helping victims and their families after tragic events, investing in science and medicine that has the potential to transform the quality of people’s lives, and improving education.


  • Helping victims of tragic events by providing stem cell therapies to people in need and additional long-term support.

  • Investing in science and medicine to create more innovative therapies based on stem cell science and research that offers great promise to alleviate TBI, slow the aging process, and improve health and immunity.

  • Funding educational programs internationally that focus on leadership, mindset, science and medicine, and educating youth from impoverished families.

Eric’s Role: Cofounder and Chairman of the Board

Matt Hughes was treated for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
with advanced stem cell therapy thanks to help from BioXcellerator and Solutions for a Healthier World.

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